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'The fourth musketeer of the condiment world'

As a nation, we've loved mayo, devoured ketchup and dolloped bbq sauce, but it's time for something new...

Our delicious Dutch version of the classic Indonesian sauce, I Say Satay combines rich flavours with well loved organic peanut butter to create a brand new staple condiment, and perfect addition to the dippable meal.



Our Roots

We are two sisters with a dream to share our family recipe and our well loved cupboard staple, satay sauce...like you've never had it before. Our wonderful parents have been making this for 25 years, and after a 100% track record of happy faces and second helpings we thought more people should be enjoying this.

We began mulling this over in 2017, spending many months perfecting the recipe, and now it's ready to be eaten by you lot. 

I Say Satay sauce goes with everything, from dipping a chip to lathering on a salad, coating some halloumi or chicken, spread over a nice bit of sourdough or some tasty veggie burgers. Whatever you love, the good news is that it can be made EVEN better with satay. 

Check out our Instagram page for updates about where you can get your hands on some! 


'I bought one jar of this at Herne Hill Market several weeks ago and have been looking for it ever since. We went through it verrry quickly—you have a hit on your hands!'

Jessi, Herne Hill

'I need some of that on my shelf!'

Cleo S.

'Putting the NUT in “Healthy, NUTritional jar of joy, which we’ve all enjoyed thoroughly'

Design Council Staff





The most simple yet enjoyable way of devouring our satay sauce is to cook up some chunky chips, lavishly dip, and let happiness ensue. The Belgians are famous for their paper cone of chips with mayo, and this is the British answer.


Our muscle building fans love drizzling our satay sauce on their post gym workout meal of chicken and broccoli, to add a heap of flavour and protein to their dish.


Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian or vegan, our sauce is perfect for you. And even more perfect in your burger of choice. Dollop a big drop, replace the bun and bite away.


Try something new: kale slaw, crunchy bbq cauliflower, rocket, crisped chickpeas, tomatoes and fresh red onion. Then mix in a big helping of our satay sauce for a healthy winter warmer.

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