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We are three siblings with a dream to share our family recipe and our well loved cupboard staple, satay you've never had it before. Our wonderful parents have been making this for 25 years, and after a 100% track record of happy faces and second helpings we thought more people should be enjoying this.

We began mulling this over in 2017, spending many months perfecting the recipe, and now it's ready to be eaten by you lot. 

I Say Satay sauce goes with everything, from dipping a chip to lathering on a salad, coating some halloumi or chicken, spread over a nice bit of sourdough or some tasty veggie burgers. Whatever you love, the good news is that it can be made EVEN better with satay. 


We love our planet and are committed to reducing our footprint. Zero food waste, 100% vegan, recyclable packaging and we use a Palm Oil FREE peanut butter.

'It's like peanut butter, but better because you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!'